My Dad is a biker, his Brother is too.. his other brother was, until he was killed on a motorbike.
When my brother and I were born, Pop left his biking day behind him in favour of a car with 4 seats. He never gave up the dream and he’s been collecting parts to build a ’66 Tiger cub since that day. She’s nearly done and I’ve asked that if he leaves me anything in his will to me, I want that bike.. and his guitar collection. 🙂

But I wasn’t always into bikes. It wasn’t until I met Dan that my life changed forever.
I met Dan in the US in ’97/98 when I was travelling around the US and ran out of money. a mate in Pittsburgh offered to put me up. She was Dans girlfriend at the time. We met, got along quite well and a few years later, he came to the UK for school. Our friendship blossomed and one day, probably over a beer, he expressed an interest in riding a motorbike across North Africa, into the Middle east/Turkey and home again. His only bike experience at that point was on his mates bike, in flip flops on a California road. (He’s from CA Fyi ;-p ). However, to do this alone was not on his agenda, so he suggested that I learn to ride a bike with him, and we attempt this journey together. I’ve always been one for taking random experiences and going for it.. so naturally, I agreed.
We found a great teacher and after several months, had both passed our tests. (Me failing my test twice, and crashing Dans new bike while I was still learning is another tale 🙂 ).

We opted for Honda Dominators each, cause they were cheap, had a solid reputation, were air cooled and FUN!
Plans were drawn up, ideas thrown around for many a month about travel ideas. Sadly, as these things often do.. the ideas turned into what ifs and the plans became dreams… we never made our trip. Time and circumstance was always against us.

About a year or so after passing, my then girlfriend invited me and several of her friends to her parents pad in Italy for a week of sun, food and chilling. I agreed on one condition, I could ride there instead of fly with everyone. She gave me a quizical once over before realising I was serious and gave me her blessing. It took me 2 days to get there, I only nearly died twice. Once when my sleeping bag (attatched to the seat behind me) fell loose, got caught up in my back tyre and stopped it. I went from 80 to 0 in a few seconds.. in the fast lane. Scary times.
On my return leg, my GPS took me on a short cut in the Alps which left me nearly falling off a narrow ‘road’ into a deep cavern.

Despite a sore arse and a few near misses, I returned from that trip infected with the bike bug in a way I’d never known possible. I’ve since done a few other trips, most notably, the one that found me a new biker buddy.

Nick and a few other pals all sent to Spain for a music festival. I’m not one for that kinda thing, but the chance to bike down and see a different side of Europe was too much to pass up, so I agreed to go with them, once gain riding out and meeting them there. I left a week early and travelled around Spain a little before meeting up with them. It was here that Nick said he’d be keen to get his licence and join me for future trips. and to his word, that’s exactly what he did. In 2009 we did our first Euro trip together over 3 weeks. Using only the wind, Couchsurfing and the horizons clear skies as our guide.

We continue to be firm friends and the bikes make that all the more solid. I’ve just purchased a new bike (after Red limped home on our 2009 jaunt) and we’re planning our next adventure at the moment.

So, a little background into me and my bike love.
Now go get your licence and come join us!

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