Donkey Update and New Gear

I’ve had news recently that Donkey, my Honda Transalp 650 motorbike, will be back in the UK on April 7th. I haven’t seen the bike since I dropped her off at the shipping company on October the 12th, 2010. In that time she’s been half way around the world to NZ, sat in a container on a dock for 6 weeks, before being loaded back on a boat and setting sail for England.

I was supposed to move back to New Zealand at the end of last year, but plans changed and decisions had to be made, and I didn’t end up moving. These decisions happened after I’d shipped all my gear back. Long story…

So now I’m all excited and have started to look at buying all new gear. I’m pretty keen on the new Shoei helmets, with the appeal being their lighter weight and reduced noise (also something not white like my current helmet). I’m also looking at decking myself out in Alpine Star leathers instead of the textile based clothing I currently have. If anybody can make recommendations or suggestions, they’d be welcome.


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