My first big bike.

Since deciding to ‘upgrade’ from a dommy to a Varadero (well, it was a toss up between that and a Transalp.. I just went with what ever deal cane up first.) I’ve been itiching to get her on a straight and feel the difference between the animal I was used to, and the beast I now own.

I gotta say.. I’m impressed.. 🙂
Managing to get up to 110mph and still have room left on the throttle as as exciting as it was scary.
She vibrates alot less than I’m used to and the time it took me to get a little uncomfy, was almost tripled thanks to a substantially wider seat than I’m used to.
I fitted a taller screen to help divert some wind (and noise) away from my face.. it really makes a difference.
Leaning forward a little cuts all wind noise.. it’s epic!
Being that I’m 6’6″, I still can’t sit up fully unless I wanna facefull of wind.. but a slight crouch (which I do naturally anyway) and I’m golden.

All in all, she performed wonderfully on our first ‘proper’ trip together.
I did notice that I am quite outta practice at riding.. in that I was knackered after only 5 hours of riding.
I need much more saddle time before August if Nick and I are gonna double last trips milage.

GPS arrives today and my next purchase, before cameras, is some ear plugs… I had some before but left them in a pub.. D’oh!!! At £200 a pop… I’ll try and be more careful next time..!!!

Right.. enough day dreaming.. it’s time for work 🙁

The beast with no name (yet)
As new.. but before I'd fitted the crash bars, taller screen adn power socket...
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