A trip to Rye


A sunny morning was casually spent preparing for a nice ride down to Rye.
I had plenty of time to get my gear in order and make suer I was ready for my first ‘big’ trip in almost a year.

However, my mate Shawn, visiting from Austin, TX was late for his flight to Dublin. Being the generous soul I am, I offered to run him up there right away. It’s only around 25 miles and mostly motorway, so wouldn’t take long.
I filled my boxes with what I thought I’d need and off I head!

Realising that I’d not given Shawn any protective gear other than the legally required helmet, I took it easy on the back streets of London as my GPS guided me the quickest way outta dodge.. However, that cautious apporach was soon thrown out of the window when the 12 odd miles of motorway lay out in front of us… I gotta admit.. the urge to ‘floor it’ was too great.. and off we went!
I think I hit 100mph.. but I was certainly not far off if not.
I’ve never really opened Roxy up and it was a great first run!! 🙂

We got to Stanstead in record time and after dropping Shawn, I took a few ‘country’ roads to get back to the motorway.. twisty turney is so much more fun!
A quick sideways trip into central London to collect my friend and we were both on our way south…

Rye is a few miles North of Hastings, a tiny town that still maintains a medieval charm. Cobbled streets (not all of them) and lots of houses that I’d be hard pressed to stand up in (I’m 6’6″).
but cute it certainly was.. our hotel was cute and friendly and we had no prob exploring the 5 or 6 streets that make up Rye.
I will be checking out Google street view soon as we past the Google car! 🙂

All in all, a great little trip, good to get to know Roxy better too!
Now I’m counting down the days until Aug 1st.. when we begin the big adventure… 🙂

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