The first drop

Not alot to say here…
it’s typical to ask a biker when he (or she 🙂 ) had their first off, rather than IF they’ve ever come off.
I’ve had my share of spills, most you walk away from cause you’re going 1 mph and wobble cause a pedestrain walks out of no where.. Grrr..
Today however, I’d put my U-lock on my tank.. forgotten about it and ridden off.
After about 10 metres, it fell and wrapped its way round my back brake pedal.
Stopping, I leaned down with my right hand to get it, while keeping my left hand on the clutch.. while in 1st gear.
a STUPID thing to do.. it would have taken 1 second to take it out of gear.. and maybe 5 seconds to stop and get off the bike. but hey, I never said I was perfect.. or smart ;-p
As I was leaning down to the right, I lost my grip with my left, Roxy lurches forward as the clutch came free and she went down like a sack or 8 of potatoes.
I was fine.. but felt like a Muppet.
But hey ho, back in the saddle as they say!

Roxy, is a BIG bike.. and it turns out.. she’s too heavy for me to lift when she’s got all her panniers and several chains in them. I had to enlist the help of 2 guys walking past.. and even then it was a struggle… time to join the gym!!

Anyhoo, first drop.. it happens to the worst of us!
I’ve a small scuff on my crash bars.. but I’m SOO glad I have them!

Not a tragic story.. but I feel better for sharing!

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