Border Patrol

Our last views of Croatia (Dubrovnik) before heading into Here Be Dragons territory



A big aspect of this trip is that we don’t really have a major plan. Associated with that is that we didn’t do any planning at all.

Planning means research.

Research would have been helpful as it turns out.

We hit the border of Croatia and Montengro with high spirits. The road from Split had been really fun to ride and we’d seen some good sights. Coming up to the guards window, I removed my helmet and smiled politely at the guard as I handed over my passport.

“Motorsickle documents and green card.”

“Um, sorry, what?”

“Motorsickle documents and green card.”

“Er… do you mean our vehicle registration documents?”

“Yes. And green card. Insurance.”

“Um, well, they are in London.”

Turns out that crossing into Montenegro and Albania wasn’t as straight forward as we had thought. Or not thought as the case may be. But manage we did, by smiling lots, talking quickly, thowing in the odd joke, pleading ignorance, and generally just waiting until someone gave in. And give in they did.

It was unsettling though as we both dreaded the idea of being stopped by local Police and being put in a situation where a bribe would have to come into play (and we had it confirmed that this would have been the case). So we drove as responsibly as we could, overly so, and decided to get back into an EU country as quickly as possible. We did both countries in two nights, one 8 hour day and one 12 hour day riding.

The Greeks smiled and welcomed us back. Our relief was evident and accompanied by a much needed high five.

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