Fangs for coming

As I walked back to the hotel at 2ish AM I couldn’t help but think that I was in vampire country. It was really quite spooky walking the back streets of old town Brasnov, with not a soul in sight and being accompanied only by the barking or howling of dogs. The dilapidated buildings, narrow back streets and limited lighting created and sense of foreboding.

But, I had some chocolate and a sprite so I was content. Burp.

In the spirit of things, Tris and I visited Bran Castle today. This is the castle that is incredibly loosely associated with the Dracula myth, and Bram Stokers’ story. So loosely in fact that I probably spent more time there than Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, on who’s bloody reign the vampire story is associated with. While he might have gone to the loo there once, I can confirm I definitely did. Just a number one.


As we sat in a restaurant at the base of the castle, knocking back a beer (as bikers do before going for a ride), we both thought… meh. We came a long way to see not much. Sure it was an interesting looking castle, but it wasn’t that amazing.


All the people we meet over our time in Brasnov confirmed that it was just a tourist trap. There were plenty of other more amazing castles to see in the area. But, as we pointed out, they all required more effort to see, some with over 1400 steps up to reach them. Fuck that.

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