Here I go again (Note, not we, just me)

I have added google Latitude export of last years trip..
if anyone is interested… Probably shudl go in separate post.. maybe later..

Well, August seems to be bike travel month.
For the past 5 years ( or is it 6..? ) I’ve set off on a random Euro adventure somewhere.
I was lucky enough to meet some friends in Spain one year and Nick decided that he wanted to come with me the next trip. I’d never really biked with a companion before and was eager to try. That choice is one I’ve never regretted.

However, things change and life moves on. my wanderlust has sparked again and I’m itching to do something new. Nick is unable to do a big trip this year (possibly due to the fact that I want to do a BIG trip of 6-8 weeks) and so it’s just me.

I’ve purchased a awesome lightweight 3 man tent and some tank bags and I’m mostly set for a new adventure.

New tent
New tent.. she needs a name.

I’m thinking the north coast of Europe to Estonia this time. This was a long time plan, one Nick and I attempted in 2009 but quickly changed our plans when we learned that Polish road sense is similar to using the Force. Etiquette and respect are simple pleasures lost on the Polish road users. A sad fact as when you meet them out in life (and away from their cars) they’re a warm, helpful and respectful bunch of people. Anyhoo, I’m onlder and more experienced these days and I’m going to try again!

There’s talk of doing the Scandinavian peninsula but we’ll see. Nick put this idea into the pile of travel routes we should do and it stuck… it’s his baby though so I’ll try and save it.. or at least most of it for a team trip.

So, this weekend Nick and I are off to Wales to test my tent, my gear and give his new bike a second ‘proper’ run. Details later, but rest assured.. I’m very excited to hit the road once more… and spend the whole time trying to wear Nick down to take 6-8 weeks of work and come with me again 🙂

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