Alma… lived here.

I have many reasons to thank God/Budda/Mother Nature/Fate for having Dan in my life.
The most poignant is biking. I am an avid biker and Dan is the reason. He encouraged me to learn and together we’ve had many fun rides and adventures.

Last Saturday I was out with some bikers here in LA, California (Dan’s home state). We rode Mulholland Drive and a small portion of the Pacific Highway.
6 of us rode on this glorious day. They had all taken me in as a new biker to LA. We stopped at Rock Store and had a chance to chat.
We shared stories of our adventures, spills, near misses and random adventures.

I then decided to tell them of Dan and Alma.
Alma is Dans daughter. I can remember talking with Dan about her imminent arrival and you could tell he was gonna be a great Dad. I smiled broadly as I got the email announcing she’d arrived. I’m not a baby man, but even I have to admit she was a cute little tyke.


I could hear Dans voice as I read his emails. I could hear the pride and love in each word. Even though I couldn’t be there to share the man hugs and high fives, I felt that the world was a slightly better place on that day.

Sadly, only 6 weeks into her precious life, she unexpectedly passed away. I won’t go into details, but naturally it was unexpected and devastating to all concerned.
We’re not really taught how to deal with these things in life and I try and find solace that she was loved so much by so many in such a short space of time. Many people in the world don’t ever get that. She was lucky and special.. and she’ll live on in all who knew her and her parents.

So, back at the bar, I share this tale and a few Dan related tales. A toast was raised to the family and to little Alma. We all took a moment and at Dans request, captured a small part of that moment.

Passing the message

For a brief moment she was there with us on that ride. I pictured her face, Dans big grin as he told the world about her arrival and listened to the others tales.

Dan and Alma

So, to Alma.. your memory is alive and well. All across this small planet, you’re with us. On that day you were a biker chick, riding the twists and turns of Mulholland Drive, feeling the sun on your face, the rush of swooping the roads and the laughs, smiles and love for the road and each other that bikers share. I’m sad I never met you, but I know you were there with us anyway.

Alma… lived here…
Alma lived here

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