I’m bad at staying in touch.. (aka: LA adventures)

Yes yes… I’m as crap as my reputation dictates…
Well, one of my reputations.. I mean the one about being crap at correspondence.

So, my email inbox is filled with around 25 emails, mostly unanswered, requesting info about my life and what’s up.
Well, I’m not gonna reply to them.. but write this blog post instead.. I’m THAT lazy!!

So, LA.
To confirm: I was 2-3 weeks away from leaving London for a few months to escape the Olympics.
I get a call one Tuesday from a recruiter about a new contract (happens several times a day, no biggy).
I say no, I’m going away, but this guy hints there there may be some work in LA. Being one for adventure and a change I decide to interview anyway.
Next day, I have a phone interview and it goes averagely (I didn’t try).
Thursday I get asked if I can go to LA for a meeting and to spec out a job… on Sunday!
Screw it I thought, I’ll go, hang in LA for a week and come back.. don’t HAVE to take the job.
Sunday morning I drag my arse to Heathrow to meet my boss.. and then sit next to him on a plane for 11 hours.
Luckily, he is a damned cool bloke. A little younger than me and chose the marriage/kids option of life. I’m typically wary of those types (sorry those types) but he helped my personal evolution and made me realize that you can still be fun and happy with kids.
Anyhoo, we get to LA, do meetings, spec jobs, hang for beers in the evenings.. a good week. I even managed to grab an beer with Zoe (a good friend from London, in town for work). That one simple act made me feel much more at home, even though she was leaving, it helped my transition greatly… Cheers Zoe. x
While there, the boss in LA says that it’s best if there’s someone here in LA full time, rather than delays due to time differences etc. I jump at the chance.
I go home for a couple of weeks to sort my life out (I’d already moved out of my apartment for my trip, so it wasn’t that bad) and then I’m back in LA!

I arrived early July and immediately felt at home.
My first couple of weeks was taken up with looking for a place to live, meeting people and getting my head into the project at work.
Typical flat hunting ensued while I couchsurfed at a really cool couchsurfers place. I saw a few places, but must give a should out to Christine.
I met her in my inital week here. I went to a couchsurfing party and she offered to give me a lift there. She’d traveled alot recently and was trying to give back to the community. That she did. Turning out to be a pretty damned awesome and reliable friend in the process. She drove me round looking at flats, waiting patiently in the car at times. I could not have asked for a better first friend. Anyhoo, I find a place in an area that Christine insisted I live (I was hesitant, but she was right) called Los Feliz. close to work, cool flatmate and great view of Griffith observatory and the Hollywood sign.. can’t be bad!
A few hicups with moving dates (guy I was subletting from was rather flaky about confirming moving dates) I was finally in and settled early August.
(Pics to follow)

During my first month also, I’d decided to buy a motorbike.
It was during this process that I really learnt just how BIG LA is!
A friend (Yup, Christine) drove me to see a few (some were FAR away) and again, waited patiently as I faffed around looking at bikes I ended up not buying. After missing out on some great deals dude to hesitation or the simple fact that they were too far away to go see, I ended up just going to a garage to buy one. I found a suitable beast online and was eager to go see her.. but again, she was far away. Putting a request on couchsurfing for a lift, I ended up getting one from one of the nicest Americans I’ve ever met. Jared was a bike mechanic who had a quiet afternoon and offered to come with me.
He was moving to Portland if I recall correctly and I was luck yo catch him. Nice guy, hot misses too :p
He gave my bike a once over (as many of you know, I know very little about bikes despite having ridden for 10 odd years) and helped me man up and buy her. Doris is her name. She’s got a few issues.. don’t we all, but she gets me where I wanna go and last weekend finally proved herself in a road trip to San Diego.
Well, that’s the first little while in my LA life, New flat, new bike, new pals and a handful of exploring done.

The rest of my story is fairly generic.
Work, drinks with new friends or out and about meeting new ones.
I’m not stranger to online dating or socialness. I threw myself into OKCupid (online dating), couchsurfing meetups and meetup.com (real life events organised by those who care). I met soo many people.. a few fun chicks along the way too but mostly ended up making some lovely friends. my life here has been awesome due to the fact I was so pro-active AND was lucky enough to meet cool people early on.

A few highlights:

  • Got taken camping to Deep creek (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Creek_Hot_Springs). Really great weekend. (I’m unfit though!)
  • BB king at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • Several Couchsurfing socials.
  • Joined a ‘biker gang’ :p Well, a meetup group of bikers. We’re off camping next weekend!
  • Several hikes to Griffith observatory (they call it a hike here, but between you and me.. it’s a walk :p)
  • RE-connected with a few surfers I’d hosted in London.. more to follow!

But I’m surprised by how much I missed from home.

  • I missed my Dad calling asking tech questions. (I’m not a huge family man and never really considered my self needing of all that.. but turns out I love and miss my old man.. who knew!)
  • Biking with Nick (well, hanging and beers in general).. saying that, Ross has his licence now, so the biker gang grows! 🙂
  • Jens grounding influence on my life.
  • Katy too, but in a different way.
  • Zoes laugh and smile.
  • Chilling with Tim.
  • the Bournemouth crew
  • Cats annoying ability to make me wanna slap her in the face when she doubts herself (but she always gets there in the end).
  • Kaisa.. cause she’ll always be my gal..
  • Rowan & her brain
  • The shenanigans with the ‘gang’ in general. (Too many little things to mention, but you know who you are).
  • A certain Hungarian.
  • Hells Pizza (though I found a place near me called ‘Lucifers’ which is pretty similar).
  • Rain (it’s not rained other than a few splashes at night since I got here).
  • The tube.
  • Aint nothing but (Blues bar in London for those not in the know)
  • Roxy (my Motorbike at home).
  • (James, you should be on the list, but I’ve got used to missing you mate.. :p )

There are a million other things, but it’s early and coffee has not reached my blood yet.

So, the future.
I’m home shortly for a week to do some life maintenance stuff. Then back to LA for a months work.
After than, who knows.
My ‘plan’ is to take Nov/Dec off and just travel about. I’ve got all my camping gear with me and there are some amazing national parks here.
I’ve got offers of Thanksgiving in Austin, Xmas in San Diego so far. but who knows…
Doris and I will do many miles together..!!

January, I’ll have to return to Europe.
After than, I’m planning a trip to Norway and all that area with Nick (and Ross?).
Oh and work too 🙁

So, my 3 odd months in a few paragraphs…
Thanks for reading.. 🙂 x

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