Tristan and Nick are good biker buddies. In 2009 we took off and did a circular tour of Europe on our bikes, starting with a rough plan and making spontaneous decisions about where to go almost each day. We aren’t in anyway like Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, (organised or  famous) but I have to admit they were inspirational. They did supply us with a running joke too. If you ever watch The Long Way Round, you can note Ewan saying quite frequently “This reminds me of Scotland.” So we stole it for our own purpose. We now have this domain name which we are using to keep a record of our plans and progress for our 2011 trip. So far the site is practically empty (I did say we weren’t organised… but we are getting there).

This year we plan to go further afield and hit some of the Eastern European countries; riding down through Slovakia into Croatia, through Greece and onto Turkey, before heading up through Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and coming back through Lithuania and Poland. Just a wee way really. This time we plan on using video to document our trip and the people we meet along the way. We will be using Couchsurfing as often as we can in order to meet the locals and find accommodation if we are lucky.

If you know of someone along the way who wouldn’t mind visitors then please introduce us.